Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Family problems because a Muslim woman wants to marry a Christian man

I am a muslim women who want's to marry a christain man I am not a relgious person but, my family is and I am having a very hard time this matter. I've known this person for ten years. My parents are not really religious but my father is afraid of his mother and what they are going to say about his daughter marrying a christian man. my husband to be has converted to the islamic religion but according to my partents and family this is not good enough. please help what should i do. my husband to be is aware of childeren and also is aware that they will be taught the islamic religion.

Praise be to Allaah.
It is regrettable indeed that anyone would fail to adhere to the religion which Allaah has commanded us to adhere to. What is even more distressing is the fact that a Muslim woman would have a relationship (of any kind) with a non-related Christian man for ten years, when she knows that this is something which angers Allaah, Who has forbidden believing women to do such things in the Qur’an (interpretation of the meaning): “… they should be chaste, not adulterous, nor taking boyfriends…” [al-Nisaa’ 4:25]. Equally upsetting is the fact that what this Muslim girl’s father fears most – with regard to the marriage described – is not Allaah, but what his mother will say and how his reputation among his relatives will be affected.
In any case, there is no way out of this problem now except one: this man must become Muslim in a real sense, and start to practise Islam, and he and this girl should repent for what they have done. Then marrying him will be permissible, and what people may say does not matter, so long as everything is done in accordance with Islam and in a way that will not earn the anger of Allaah; the matter can also be explained to close relatives. If this is not possible, then the relationship with this man should be cut completely, and all thought of him should be dismissed from one’s mind. If, my sister, you feel that there is some harshness in this answer, then by Allaah it is only in your best interests and out of concern for you. We ask Allaah to accept our repentance and have mercy on us, for He is the One Who accepts repentance and is All-Merciful.
Its the responsibility of every Moslem in learning quran and read tajweed and we also must teach our kids Quran and not only the Quran teaching we should let then begin to see the basic of Islam and why it was reviled you bet it was railed and truth teaching of holy Quran and with tajweed quran we read Quran we can understand better all the responses that are involved if we study koran from a qualified Quran tutor he will let you know verity heart of Islam and why koran was reviled for it we should gain the information of the Word of God with there translation and the context of when those verses were reviled and why and that is only potential when we carry on with not simply learning quran for beginners but gaining the information of Quran tafseer and one inquiry that we all needs to ask our self that why we all are here in the world to do good acts or to do bad humen action to promote correct or to promote incorrect and will we be answerable to any one after this life of not then the interrogation remains the identical that the reasons why we are here in the world but if yes then whom we have to reply is there any Maker All these reply exist when we go deep in to the Quran education do Quran reading and the so let us connect hands to full fill our job. We all must do quran memorization and listen to quran online when ever we have time to stay in touch


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