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What is Islam?

The literal meaning of Islam is to submit or surrender.

A Muslim is one who submits himself and surrenders his will to that of Allah (The Creator and Sustainer of The Universe).

The message of Islam was brought to The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) more than 14 centuries ago.

The Quran was brought by Angel Gabriel (Peace be on Him) directly to the Prophet (p.b.u.h.). It carries a Divine guarantee of safeguard from corruption and confirms the teachings of the earlier messages from Allah.

The most important Message of Islam is the Unity of Allah (That He is One, has no partners and is the only one deserving of worship) and that Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) is His Messenger and Servant.

A Muslim believes in:

1. Allah.

2. Allah’s Angels.

3. All the previously revealed books by Allah.

4. All the prophets, from Adam to Muhammad (peace be upon them all).

5. The day of Judgment.

6. The decree of good and evil.

The fundamentals of Islam are five:

Shahadah -Testimony to the Unity of God and messengership of Muhammad (p.b.u.h.).

Salah - Performance of the five daily prayers.

Zakah - Giving of Zakat.

Fasting - Fasting the month of Ramadan.

Hajj - Performing the pilgrimage to Makkah.

Islam teaches:

That each person is born pure.

That Allah has given human beings a choice between good and evil and to seek Allah’s pleasure by practicing goodness.

Justice for Allah to all, even against oneself, parents or near relatives.

Respect, kindness and obedience to parents.

Caring for the orphans and the needy.

Respect for women and giving them the due rights.

Kindness to all.







Leading a healthy and active life.

And every form of goodness.

In short, Islam is a perfect and complete code for the guidance of individuals and communities alike. The entire message of Islam is derived from the Quran and indeed the Sunnah (practices, sayings and confirmations of the Prophet). It is inalienable in the face of change in time and place. It may appear rigid to the casual eye, but in fact it is most adaptable to the circumstances and need of humanity.

Islam teaches that the path to spiritual development is open to all. Any individual who searches the One Creator can seek nearness to God through sincere and earnest worship. This positive message for humanity fills hearts with hope and courage. At present there are 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide and they form the majority in more than 50 countries of the world. Today Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world. Its beautiful message is reaching millions in the far corner of the earth.

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Freedom of Thought in Islam

A man called Mughees and his wife, Bareera, who were living in slavery in Madinah, decided to accept Islam. After some time the wife was set free. By winning her freedom she legally obtained the right either to live with her husband or to seek a separation from him. Bareera decided in favor of separation, but Mughees, who was greatly attached to her wanted her to change her decision and continue to live with him. This is a long story recorded in books of Hadith in details. To put it briefly, the matter was finally brought before the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.). Both of them came to the Prophet (p.b.u.h.), Bareera in front and Mughees, a black, following her. As recorded in the Hadith, the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) said to Bareera: "It would be better for you to take back your decision." Bareera replied, "O Prophet of God, is this your command?" The Prophet said: "No, it is only a suggestion." Bareera replied, "Then I do not need it." This is the highest and ultimate example of Islam granting such great freedom to men and women. This freedom does not mean anarchy. It is a concession to human nature. The development of human nature is possible only in an atmosphere of freedom. Just as a tree flourishes in an open environment similarly the human being develops to the full only in an atmosphere of total intellectual freedom.

By: Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

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Forgiveness - An Islamic Virtue

Islam attaches great importance to the concept of pardoning of sins by Allah so that one may be saved from Hellfire. On several occasions, The Holy Quran gives such prayers as "Pardon us, forgive us our sins, and have mercy upon us" (Quran 2/286).

Allah assures us that no matter what our sin, if we truly repent and seek His forgiveness, and take steps to put right our wrongs, He will forgive us. The Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) said, "My heart is clouded until I have asked God’s forgiveness seventy times during the day and night."

We are likewise asked to show mercy to our fellow men. (Quran 90/17) Since God is Himself forgiving, He desires that people should cultivate this attribute and show forgiveness to other human beings. (Quran 24/22; 64/14).

The Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) taught his followers that the individual who pardons his enemy, even while having the power to extract revenge, will be nearest to God in the Hereafter. Once the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) was asked, "How many times are we to forgive our servants’ faults?" He remained silent. The questioner repeated his question. But the Prophet gave no answer. But when the person asked a third time, he said, "Forgive your servant seventy times a day."

The Holy Quran makes it clear that a strong, adverse, emotional reaction such as anger does not befit the true believer, and instead cites as a mark of excellence the quality of forgiveness: "When they become angry, they are forgiving." (Quran 42/37)

By: Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

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A letter to believing Muslims, Christians and Jews

Believing Muslims, Christians and Jews,
We are going to act together for love, peace and brotherhood and respect the religions.
All the prophets are very beautiful people.
His disposition, morals and attitudes are excellent. They are exemplary people, who are most respected and beloved.
Any inappropriate language directed towards them disturbs all believers. It is not reasonable to explain away any such contrary attitudes by the excuses of "democracy" or "tolerance".
From the Qur'an, as well as the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, we know that throughout history, unbelievers seemed to mock and slander God's blessed messengers. However, the Qur'an predicts the miserable end of those who try to ridicule the messengers of God with these words: "Messengers before that he mocked, but those who ridicule swallowed by mocked it." (Qur'an, 6: 10)
Jesus (peace be upon him) is also one of the highly praised Islamic prophets in the Qur'an. In a verse, the Qur'an says that people also tried to mock Jesus (pbuh) at the time of our Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace):
When he is an example of the son of Mary [Jesus], your people laugh uproariously. Koran (43: 57)
In the Hebrew Bible, the sacred book of the Jews, we learned that you prophets Elijah, Moses, job and many other prophets (peace be upon them all) met similar attitudes of persons dealing with. How do you say:
But they mocked God's messengers, despised his words and mocked his prophets, until that was awakened the anger of the Lord against his people and there was no remedy. (Chronic 2 36: 16)
Who mocks? Who can sneer and stick out their tongue?
... In the light of these things, should relent? (Isaiah 57: 4, 6)
The hostile form of the infidels to the Messenger of God blessed Jesus (pbuh) is also associated with the New Testament in these terms:
He [Jesus] will be delivered to the Gentiles. They mock him, insult him... (Luke 18: 32).

Born in Ankara in 1956, Adnan Oktar writes his books under the pen name of Harun Yahya. The Harun Yahya works have been translated into 41 languages. To date, his books have been acquired by 8 million people and a number have just been provided free of charge to readers for several newspapers and magazines. You can read, for free, all the books Adnan Oktar has written under the pen name of Harun Yahya on these websites 

The Reason for Muslim Women Wearing Jilbabs

The main reason for wearing Jilbabs (also knows as Abayas in the Middle Eastern countries) as a Muslim woman is that it is a commandment of Allah (God) as can be seen by the following view from the Quran:
"Or Prophet (May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him)!" Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw over them their cloaks (veils). "That in the least so that they be recognised and not be remaining." (Surah Ahzaab be 59).
Islam is a way of life for the Muslim man or woman, they are supposed to follow the commandment of Allah, Muslims believe the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was an example to mankind and that they are should follow the way shown by him, this is everything from how to sleep, how to eat, what to wear, how to get married and everything else that a person needs to know to live a healthy and fulfilling life as to Muslim.
There are many different sects within Islam, who all interpret Islam differently according to their understanding of the Quran and Hadith (the sayings and actions of the prophet Muhammad). This has led to some Muslims appearing more Islamic than others. The toughest stance by Muslim scholars for women's dress, is for the whole body to be covered with loose clothing and the face covered with a Niqab and even the eyes should be covered with a veil. The softest stance is for a Muslim woman to wear to loose Jilbab or clothing with a headscarf.
The way to Muslim woman is identified is by her wearing the Jilbab and Hijab (a headscarf), whilst other Muslim women may choose not to wear Islamic clothing but are practicing Islam as they deemed practical or suitable to them, which according to Islam is very sinful. This can be seen by the following saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):
"Many women are clothed but naked in reality." "Such women will never enter paradise nor will they smell its fragrance."
Wearing to Jilbab or Abaya isn't easy for a Muslim woman, especially in the West due to the stares and verbal abuse that they sometimes have to suffer. It is also hard for those women who decided to start practicing Islam and start wearing the Jilbab, whilst the rest of their family wear western clothing, as they are usually ridiculed or even asked not wear such clothing that some class as backwards.

You can view or purchase Jilbabs Abayas or from many different websites on the internet. They come in all different sizes, designs and quality.

Will The Muslim Mosque At 9/11 Site Promote Religion Or Terrorism?

Obama Is advocating Muslim practices?
I'm with President Obama on the question of the ground zero mosque. Our country stands for freedom to practice religion. And that freedom includes the right to build religious structure in the United States.
I also agree with those who say that the mosque should not be so close to the site of that extraordinary American disaster. But then we can get into the debate about how close is too close to the World Trade Center site. In the United States legal system, you're innocent until proven guilty. We cannot enforce laws based on motive. We cannot know what's in the minds and hearts of any given person or group. We can only suspect.
Should we fear Muslims?
There is plenty of reason to suspect and fear the Muslim mindset. There is a reason why most of the terrorist are Islamic. The Quran and Sharia law have some disturbing tenants. Yes the case can be made that Islam is a religion of peace based on passages in the Koran. But other passages very clearly promote violence and the spread of Sharia law by any means necessary. That's the jihad or struggle that the terrorists advocate.
Unlike other immigrants, the Muslims do not assimilate into society. Non-Muslims coming to the United States are grateful for the religious and quietly practice their religions freedom. Muslims in non-muslim countries endeavor to get the laws changed to accommodate Muslim practices. So one fear is the culture changes that the Islamic presence merger. Americans were shocked by the headline "New Jersey Judge Rules Islamic Sharia Law Trumps U.S. Law". In a bit of journalistic double talk, New York governor David Patterson was said to be advocating Shariah Law since have offered state property to the muslims group building the mosque. Not only did Patterson offer the land, but Moslems have gave Moslems to favored status that is not offered to Christian groups.
One disturbing fact that came out of the 9/11 tragedy investigation was that a number of the perpetrators were educated and trained in the United States with skills used to attack the USA. So another fear is that the Moslem community center, dubbed mosque, would become a terrorist training center. But that could be said for any Moslem building, whether at ground zero or not.
Yes, Obama President has been on a quest to apologize to and placate the Muslim world. But he is the president of the United States. And, he is to Christian and Christianity advocates peace, love, tolerance and forgiveness. President Obama advocates freedom and peace. Peace loving Muslims say it is a misinterpretation of the Quran to use the term "jihad" to mean to violent, or armed struggle against non-believers, i.e. infidels. Nevertheless, there is cause to be concerned about the jihadist threat.  Radical Islam embrace the violence.
How Radical Are The Ground Zero Mosque Muslims?
How radical these Muslims are would be interesting to know. And who is funding and supporting the building? Is it Al Qaeda? Do does homeland security or other intelligence agencies have any facts to support the fear that the mosque would be promoting terrorism? If not, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr.: "Let freedom ring". We need to let them build.

Want to see some scary Muslim teachings from the Quran?
Watch to shocking video and Express your opinion at:
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Being Muslim in Modern Day America

Islam is a way of life and a very simple one at that. It teaches piety, humbleness, peace, war, and chastity more things about life that I can think of. With all the stereotypes that circulate, it's hard for a Muslim to keep up with the who-said-what in this non Islamic country. Personally, I've heard my fair shares of "does Is that a pillow case on your head?" to "Are you wearing bomb strapped underneath your dress?" If anything can be said about Muslims, I should know the gist of the puns.
The ignorance of some non-Muslims is expected for the most part, that doesn't mean it gets any easier each time they come at us. It is tough because we have interaction with them every single day: work, school, bus, shopping and airplanes. They look at our customs as very foreign and not American. When we look at ourselves and see nothing wrong with our customs. We look at their customs and see contradictions all the time.
Take American television for example. If you could describe popular American broadcasts in a few words it would be sex, money, youth and homosexuality. The most popular shows in the U.S. have one of these characteristics or all four. That's not what the bible preaches and it's definitely not what our book teaches. Yet it's still here and popular to many Americans... including me. If this is what people are seeing and being fed since birth-no matter what religion or background-this is what they will end up engaging in as they grow older. How can you be a full blown Muslim if you have grown up here in America? It is not impossible but misleading. When I say misleading, there will definitely be many upon many obstacles, huge walls and tight barriers that you must get by to keep true to the Islamic customs. It is possible to adapt to the American ways while still engaging in Islamic tradition. Kind of like take the good and leave the bad.
You have anyone who lives in America ever wondered how we felt as non violent Muslims living on foreign territory? You have anyone ever asked themselves: how do Muslims in America who are not of the Middle Eastern descent feel about everything that's going on?
You have been cordially invited to take a peek inside the life of an African-American Muslim female. One of which who struggles with her identity between being a strong Muslim everyday who puts all her efforts into living here only for the next life versus living the American dream of riches and glam.
You may think we live normal lives... you have no idea. Every day we strive to do a little more than we did the previous day. Pray a little more. Give a little more. Cuss a little less. We are constantly trying to please and live our lives for mankind's creator. Unfortunately, we are still human and we have human urges just like everyone else. Do not think because we do what we do everyday does not mean we are not like the rest. We probably have more in common with non-Muslims than you think.
Human characteristics: lying, cheating, stealing, fornication, adultery, envy, lust, love and hatred. All things that we have done and you have as well. Our conscious is probably on the blitz while we are doing these things because we know we are going to get paid back for it either here or in the afterlife but it was still done by our own freewill.
So here's the big question: Why is it so hard to be a good Muslim when you happened to live in a non-Islamic country? There are a few reasons.
1. Born Into a Non-Muslim Society
I was born in Detroit, Michigan. My mother was not Muslim nor was she Christian. My father was a Mason and both never married. I don't remember much of my life before I became Muslim but I got the feeling that it wasn't what you would call to Muslim household. Around the age of six, my mother decided to convert to Islam with her three children. When I was growing up we had non-Muslim family member interaction, we had non-Muslim children coming to play with us, neighbors, grocery store clerks and the rest. Although, we did go to thousands prayer every Friday, only one day out of the week we got interaction with other Muslims solely. The rest of the six days it was my siblings and I against the foreign world. My mom instilled certain Islamic traits throughout the day but after that we went and watched non-Muslims on TV All these advertisements infiltrated our sponge like minds and shaped many of us Muslims who are today. We may not agree with it but it did have some effect on who we are in Islam.
2. Muslims Spend Alot of Time With Non-Muslims
I used to work a full time job. It was 44 hours per week. I was Manager at Walgreens Pharmacy. I spent anywhere from 8 to 10 hours per day there. I slept 8 hours per day and took an hour total to get to and from work. That left me about 5 to 7 hours of down time during those five days each week. The majority of my awake time had been spent at work, working and integrating with my non-Muslim colleagues. How does that make a person feel to spend the majority of their time working and fraternizing with people who have nothing in common with you? And because you're the minority you try your hardest to be less like a Muslim and more like them due to the pressures of "fitting in". Do They work and spend time with each other, why doesn't Muslim to get that same feeling of unity in the workplace? Why can't I pull another Muslim worker and say, "do hey, let's go pray on our lunch break?"
3 Wanting to Su to Fit In With the Rest
This coincide with the top example. We believe that if we fit in, it would be a lot
easier for us. But in reality we really just lose our identity. We are Muslim because we want to be. No one forced us to be this way. You don't have to act like a Muslim. Do But if that is the case then why do you claim it? I see the little Muslim teens on their way to school and instead of them wearing the Islamic wrap they look just like the rest of the kids. And it hurts me because they do not dress this way at home or in front of their parents but feel the need to be accepted by the rest. Children do not know the implications of not practicing their religion at a young age. For them not to wear Islam like a proud badge of honour is a disgrace. The goal is not to separate Muslims completely from other people or religions but to reinforce the religion throughout the day by being around other Muslims. No one wants to feel like an outsider.
Being a Muslim is a great thing for me because I have access to so many resourceful people of many different backgrounds. They come from all walks of life and diversity excites me as it does others that strive to be a well rounded human being. Staying true to ones religion brings about pride and a sense of well being like no other. We all want to belong to someone; something with Islam and I can say that we all feel this way about our religion. No matter what situation we are in that maybe un-Islamic or how many death threats, weird looks or snickers we will stand because the only entity that we must please God is strong.
Much Love,

Be Safe in Muslim Networking!

Here is a quick guide on how you can stay safe in muslim networking...
Keep yourself Protected!
When you decide to network, just remember that there are many bad people in addition to good people on the world wide web. So some might try to send you a virus or send in a reel to hook out your personal details. My advice is stay protected with a good software such as Norton or Mcafee (believe me you rather invest some money in something good and well known then go for a cheapy free one that will not give you much protection or might be a spyware tool).
Do not give out your personal details to strangers and don't meet up with people you do not know much. If you are going to meet up with someone make sure you verify them and most Importantly take someone with you, such as a friend or a family member.
Always keep a eye open when the little ones are online (such as your little brothers/sisters or your children are online). Make sure you don't invades their privacy too much as they might not like it but If you suspect they are doing something wrong then sit down and talk with them in a polite and caring way. Be there for your family and friends and help everyone network safely.
Stay away from fanatics!
We now live in to time where there are some fanatics on the increase who like taking advantage of innocent Muslims. They might brainwash you in a horrible way.
So just remember that Islam always College love and peace and not violence or hatred. If you get annoyed a lot by these idiots then simply block and delete them or inform the forum mod or get in touch with the networking site owner.
Remember you are in-control of your life and not any other idiot!
Seek the right Knowledge!
If you network to seek Islamic Knowledge then believe me half of the people on the web like deceiving others into believing anything. So always be smart and prepare to do some of your own research and verify information.
Prophet Muhammad (saw) "Its a duty upon every Muslim to seek Knowledge from the cradle to the grave"
Your Imam in the local mosque would be a good start or good Muslim family members and friends. Forum such as Ummah forum is also a good one as its the largest online Islamic forum which is kept moderated. I myself like networking there sometimes.
Be patient and stay polite!
Sometimes you will come across abusive and angry individuals when you debate or leave your views. Islam College us to be patient and polite at all times so don't fall to their level and behave in a negative manner. Always be patient and polite and have to positive attitude. This will make you smile and remind you that we are the followers of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and we try following his sunnah the best way we can.
Don't miss your prayer!
Last but not the least brothers and sisters...
When we network online we sometimes go too deep in discussions and forget about our salah (prayer). (I myself have been caught up in this situation when im hooked on to a Intresting thread on a forum or when i'm talking to some friends online).
1 way of overcoming this issue is telling some 1 in your household/office to remind you at a certain time. You could always set to alarm on your watch/clock.
Make sure you take time out to pray so Allaah (swt) can keep you protected online and offline.
It may Allah (swt) guide us all and keep us all safe online... Feel free to leave more advice or comment (s) to this short article... Thank you for your short time... Peace Out!

Advice to the United States of a Muslim

The 9-11 terrorists attack generates a demand insatiable news and columns which fell quite short, to present an accurate portrait of Islam.
The public should be made aware of the best examples of the sincerity of this religion and you know it's only purpose to g-D.
This article presents several principles that address the notion that extremism is acceptable in Islam.
When it is considered fairly, is obvious, that the faithful of Islam have kept away from the most profound principles of their faith.
Taking innocent lives. Savagely killing without conscious. Collectively, mankind rejects such behaviour, and only fools think that g-D accept those actions.
Even when looking for relief of domination, Islam offers to his followers and the world, disenchanted instruction which cancel all forms of extremism.
Through the Prophet Muhammad, Islam instructs Muslims to"fight" until there is no more persecution, and religion is free to g-D
The first part of this verse tells us that once an enemy to stop aggression, Muslims are to stop fighting against them also.
Most important part says that religion is to be free for g d and that means that there is the possibility of that religion cannot be actually free of d G. There is a chance, religion may not be set correctly in the village.
Religion may fall into the clutches of the oppressors that used to keep the ignorant masses, under their control, used to their own selfish benefit and not allow religion to be free as he intended to g-D. Nor should be religion will be used by the Government, or for those who want to dominate the people, but leave it free to the individual having his life with his g-D. A full life. A full freedom. The Quran mandates it. Prophet Muhammad established.
It is a flagrant lack of Muslims, forget what g-D says of the Prophet Muhammad in the Qur'an that Muhammad is sufficient as a leader for all people and he can be found an excellent model to follow. Contradicting this model it is not acceptable if it claims to Prophet Muhammad as their leader.
Muhammad was a Pacific man who doesn't want to fight. He took terrible abuses and I had still never had the fighting spirit. G-d had him I send: "fight until there is no more persecution, and religion is free to g-D". Not have it in their nature to fight. But when the revelation came to command him to fight it was his nature to obey (d) (g).
When Muhammad went to war, he ordered the Muslims to follow a code of ethics. To keep the Muslim behavior insurance and not let war change his nature by being motivated by the cruelty of the war. Muslims should not treat civilians as people who were armed against them. Any damage to civilians! Even not said that any damage to crops or trees of the people depended on for his life.
Therefore this cruel behavior that the world has witnessed did Muhammad the Prophet and certainly not of Islam. Such cruelty was produced by the influences of the world.
When reading the Qur'an Muslims are reminded that g-D says: "And follow his best".
This tips for reading any writing. Religion invites people on many different levels. Different levels of understanding, of different levels of morality, different levels of sincerity, etc. etc. etc..
So there are extremists who read the Koran and read in it something that does not exist. In the same way that the claim of the Ku Klux Klan have a few pages is after the Bible. They take only the worse themselves, not the best themselves. Both are still what they think that these pages suggest to them with the very strange mind have.
Extremism is not part of the system of faith of Islam. But West has unfairly labeled Islam as the religion of violence and is wrong in its core, knowing from experience that America stumbled even before that she found his foot today.
It can be much written about how former slaves of United States not to attack and try to destroy the beautiful premise found in the spirit of the noble document that came out of the 13 colonies at the time of seeking the independence of the British.
With Frederick Douglass leading the way, he made an appeal to the moral conscience of leaders and reminded them of gross inconsistencies and deficits, which exhibits his citizenship, in order to keep your disgusting system of slavery. It was his behaviour that was invalidated. Not the guiding principles set out in and acclaimed in their foundational documents of this country.
American well if they took a page from that story and make a clear distinction between what the religion Islam represents a and the lack of respect for what are in fact showing his followers.
Similar to the descendants of the former slave owners have finally come to understand the message that constitutes a special idea of the United States of freedom, West should remind the Muslim of the major principles of the faith world demands of Islam, but how shameful is terribly have strayed from their own religion.

Nashid Abdul-Rahmaan is the webmaster debating ideas and events that expose and defeat the plans of Satan. Remove these 4 forms ofextremism running outside of the planet!

If Arnold Palmer was a Muslim

There is a saying that "Golf is like life only on a large scale". Have you noticed how people tie their self-esteem to its most recent rating? Golf has psychologists Golf, but for which no psychiatrists in golf? What is the psychiatric reason for 50 wars going on in the world today? Why golfers from around the world can get along perfectly but relatives are demanding each other? If today there was a modern great young looking clone of Arnold Palmer and if it was a Muslim there would not be any conflict in the Middle East. Japan would make any Japanese golfer winning the Masters Emperor Hirohito. It is my imagination or liked Japan bomb Pearl Harbor, but the time in which Isao Aoki had bent his putter until the flag at full mast United States and Japan became best friends?
Golfers have connections, but why not use? Butch Harmon spent 3 years as the Sultan of Dubai personal golf coach. Why United States does not Butch Ambassador to the United Nations rather than John Bolton.? He got the job because it relates to Michael Bolton? If the clone of Arnold Palmer modern was a Muslim named Muhammad Palmer and was invited to the Masters champions dinner, then, instead of calling Americans "The great Satans" Muslims could be idolizing Muhammad Palmer today and Augusta Georgia became the third holiest place in Islam, just behind Mecca and the Temple Mount. In order to save life on Earth, does United States can't send Butch Harmon, David Ledbetter, Hank Haney, Dave Pelz and a Korean coach ladies golf in Dubai and quickly develop some boy named Muhammad in the largest golfer since Bobby Jones? Imagine that the 18th fairway on the afternoon of Sunday at Augusta lined with Kafiyas and Burke shows Mulsims billion Jazeera Muhammad Palmer birdies 18 to beat Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Michelle Wie. Eternal peace on earth would be forever. It leaves Fuzzy Zoeller insult the falafel at the champions dinner. He would be beheaded in the locker room, which raises the question, "How would golf be so popular without violence?" The answer is that it is a distraction from violence. If you want the violence then only see Ann Coulter on CNN. How dare she call that lovely college girl "Miss Smartie Pants".?

Karen fish is a writer who lives in Los Angeles California.religion of world peace

A Brief History of the Muslim Brotherhood

How the Muslim Brotherhood was established and what are its main ideologies? Is this movement different than the current movements that carry its banner and had military tendencies? How does the West in general and the United States in particular see and deal with this movement?
The Muslim Brotherhood, the best known and widespread movement in the Arab and Muslim World. Al - Ikhwan Al - Muslimun, as they are called in Arabic, was founded in 1928 by Hassan al - Banna, 22-year-old elementary school teacher and social reformer from Egypt. Al - Banna came from a well educated family in a Al-shari'a, the Muslim law. His father was a preacher in a Cairo mosque and by profession, he was a watchman repair. Hassan al - Banna was inspired by and belonger to Sufi movement. At his early age, have actively participated in the political life during the British occupation of Egypt. I received his education in Cairo and was deeply disturbed by Western influence upon the Egyptian social fabrics. I have the secular west perceived as corrupt, morally and was deeply concerned by how Muslims were drifting away from the path of Islam.
The two most influential reformers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were Muhammad Abduh and Jamal al - Din al - Afghani. Both of them were considered the founding fathers of modernizing Islam. Looking at western superior economic, technological and military power, ' Abduh was shocked by decline of a once powerful Arab and Muslim community, to Al-ummah. In his opinion, Islam had greatly drifted from the righteous path and from the main principles that were prevalent during the life of the Prophet Muhammad and the four Kalifate. Modern Muslims need to Su early "pious Henri" or "Al-salaf Al-Salih", who practiced to correct form of Islam. I mainly advocated education as the basis to redirect Muslim and to bridge the gap between Islam with modernity.
Jamal al - Din al - Afghani shared most of 'Abdu's philosophy and teachings. He was, however, more of to political activist that a scholar. Al - Afghani was raised in Iran, but it was in Cairo that I began his political activism. I have traveled widely in Europe and was astonished to see the progress there while The Muslim world suffered from backwardness. I, similar to ' Abduh, advocated the return to the ideals of Islam to regain the power lost against colonial powers.
Al - Banna was deeply affected by 'Abduh and al - Ahfghani's views of how to revive Islam. But it was Rashid Rida, a Syrian and a disciple of Abdu, who influenced al - Banna the most. To jurist and an able scholar, Rida did not totally ascribe to Islamic traditions. "I have blamed the faqih or"ulama"for most of the ills of society as they failed to educate the masses to achieve progress. All these three earlier reformers shared a common vision: to rebuild a nation that long had been in decline.
El-Banna's message was loud and clear. I have preached against western secularization and cultural decay of Muslim society. I did not believe that religion and politics are separable. I intended the movement to be a reformist movement designed to revive Islam during its declining stage. This spiritual ideology had a mission to combat social decadence and religious ineptness. It was due to al-Banna's charismatic leadership that new recruits joined its ranks. The organization's original main purpose was to foster religious education, to improve the life of the less fortunate through charity, and to promote the establishment of Islamic nation. It was opposed to violence and practiced peaceful means to achieve its objectives. Al - Banna was able to bridge the gap between the idealism of ' Abduh and the realism and activism of al - Afghani.
The movement actively participated in the 1948 war against Israel. It gained popularity shortly thereafter. Al - Banna was gunned down in 1949 at the age of 43. During the 1950s, Sayyid Qutb became its most influential intellectual and leader of the Movement. His famous books, Ma'alem fi al - Tariq (Milestones) and Fi Zilal al - Quran (In the Shadows of the Quran), were widely read by the members of the Movement. I have advocated concepts such as "jihad" and "Takfeer" those who abandoned Islam and become infidels, unbelievers. Although I got his university education in the United States, Qutb was the secular and materialistic life however I have observed in America. I have rejected western values as inferior to the purity of Islam.
Today, Al - Ikhwan, or the Brotherhood, is one of the most influential organizations in the modern Arab World. It is mostly active in Egypt, Gaza, Syria, and Jordan and had many adherents in Saudi Arabia and North Africa. It operates openly in many countries and most of the time it is gone underground. It has a large base among the poor which is mainly attributed to its widespread network of charity. The organization does not overextended military approach to take power from secularist regimes but to work in the framework of current political system to gain recognition and win seats in the parliament. It is perceived as a moderate movement in comparison to more radical ones and does not subscribe to the terrorist organization of al - Qa'ida ' eda led by Osama Bin Laden and his deputy al - Zawaheri. It is considered to moderate voice among the competing ideologies where the United States refuses to acknowledge or deal with it directly.

Basics of a Muslim marriage

Muslim marriage is a sacred event that joins a woman to her husband. This is not only a sacred event but an event which is communal and witnessed by a crowd of people. A very religious Muslim marriage occurs according to the will of Allah. A Muslim man is entitled to marry up to 4 wives and a woman knows her place in marriage. This is as a result of his years of study of the Qur'an. Muslim culture carefully prepares women and their marriages become a great success. These marriages are governed by their law, known as Sharia. It is within this institution that they solve their problems. This way of resolving problems has ensured that couples have success in marriage. A Muslim marriage is appreciated and the Internet will provide you with all the information you need to understand more about it. A spouse in this religion is a companion and a friend. A partner should provide comfort and protection to your loved one. Common problems that affect all marriages will also affect this type of marriage.
Many people enter into relationships with many hopes and expectations. The first years of marriage are wonderful, but as it moves to more phases of life, you will notice that it is not easy. It is therefore necessary to all Muslim couples to empower themselves with information that will go a long way to ensure that all is well. The following are some of the tips to help a Muslim couple to strengthen your marriage and lead to a higher altitude. In Islam, a man is seen as more of one pastor to lead the family. Contrary to popular belief, this marriage is not based on the dictatorship and is an association. A husband has the role of nurture and consulted his wife in matters relating to the family. This must be done in a peaceful manner, and if there is a problem, it should be resolved in tranquility and humility.
An Islamic marriage will be strengthened by spending time together. It is laugh together and enjoying the small things in life together. This is what true marital bliss. Drawing closer together is an obligation, and this can only work for the improvement of the marriage relationship. The objective is to find peace and a place of rest in each of the others. When it comes to issues of sex, an Islamic couple need to put time and effort in it. There are things that are acceptable 'halal' and others are prohibited 'haram'. Therefore, all partners in the right way needs must be met. Gender issues are considered private, and a couple should never discuss these issues with others. The Holy Prophet recommends women and sexually appealing and attractive men among themselves. Beautiful and elegant in Islam is very lively. This is a very useful suggestion to orient Islamic couples on these issues. Finally, a couple of Islamic needs closer to Allah in his marriage. It is a way of life, and is the decisive factor that appreciates every Muslim.

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Terrorism - a review

Today's world is an increasingly complex world and in this complex world, new challenges are emerging, have emerged and will emerge. The lesson we learn in life is not to stay still, think beyond and outside the box and try to meet the new challenges with vigor. And among these challenges "Terrorism" is one of the most discussed issue.
Terrorism knows no borders and those days are gone when you could say it happened in country X or continent Y.
If we look at recent history briefly we will see that terrorism has emerged in North America, Latin America in parts of Asia, in the Middle East, in South Asia, in Europe and Africa.
Today, if you try to travel it is a hassle. If your name is Mohammad or Aziz and you are a normal citizen, you are given special treatment in negative sense. Now Before Going deep into this topic it is better to define what is actually meant by the word "Terrorism".
The Basic and simple definition of terrorism is: Terrorism is an activity which causes terror, and the person who causes this activity is called terrorist. The moment a robber sees a policeman he is terrified. So a policeman is a terrorist for the robber. In this context every Muslim should be a terrorist. When a criminal sees the Muslim he should be terrified, Whenever any rapists sees the Muslim he should be terrified, Whenever any robber sees the Muslim he should be terrified, Whenever any antisocial element sees the Muslim he should be terrified. That's what the Quran says in Surah Al-Anfall Ch. 8 V 60 "Cause terror in the heart of anti-social elements". Those people who are killing around people and who are against humanity Quran say cause terror in their hearts.
I know commonly the word "Terrorist" used only in negative sense (i.e. for a person who causes terror among the common people). For Example Oxford dictionary define the word terrorism as, "the use of violent actions in order to achieve political aims or to force a government to act". So in this context no Muslim should ever terrorize a single innocent human being, it is prohibited in Islam.
Two Different Labels, Same Activity!
We know two different labels are given for the same person for the same individual, for the same activity. 60 years back when India was being ruled by the British Government there were many Indians who were fighting for the freedom of their country. These Indians who were fighting for the freedom of the country by the British government they were called as terrorists. But the common Indians called them Freedom Fighters or Patriots. Same People, Same Activity, Two Different Labels. If you agree with the view of British government that they had a right to rule over India than you have to call those people as terrorists. But if you agree with the view of common Indians that the British were came to India for business they have no right to rule over India, than you have to call them Freedom Fighter or Patriots.
It is therefore important that before a person is judged, he is given a fair hearing. Both sides of the argument should be heard, the situation should be analyzed, and the reason and the intention of the person should be taken into account, and then the person can be judged accordingly. For example to judge whether Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist or not? We cannot give the answer to this question based on the news reports of BBC and CNN. If you want the answer based on the news of CNN or BBC you have no option but to say that he is a terrorist. But the Quran says in Surah Hujrat Ch.49 V.6,"Whenever you get any information, check it up before you pass it over to the second person." So, having lack of reliable information we can't answer these types of answers so easily.
Is Terrorism a Muslim Monopoly?
We know that no religion encourages terrorist acts or violence. We also know that in every religion there are black sheep and the media keep putting these people forward. This is a media conspiracy especially against Islam and the purpose is to push people away from Islam. International media is repeatedly publishing, "All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims"
Whereas the word "Islam" itself means "Peace", whose fundamentals teach its followers to maintain and promote peace throughout the world. Anyone, be it Muslim or non-Muslim, who kills an innocent Muslim or a non-Muslim, kills the entire humanity. However, Islam goes a step further to say that if one saves innocent lives, the whole of humanity is saved.
Thus every Muslim should be a fundamentalist i.e. he should follow the fundamentals of the Religion of Peace Islam. He should be a terrorist only towards the antisocial elements in order to promote peace and justice in the society.
Historic records proved that a large number of terrorist acts in the 20th and 21st century were committed by non-Muslims. And when we analyze we can surely say without any doubt that terrorism is not a Muslim monopoly. Not only is Terrorism not a Muslim monopoly, it is not even a specialty of the Muslims. It is not even encouraged in Islam. It is prohibited...
"If any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people." - The Quran, Surah Al Ma'idah Ch. 5 V. 32
Islam condemns all forms of Terrorism. All forms of acts which kill innocent human beings, whether it is 9/11, 7/7/93 (Bombay serial blast), 11/7/03 or any other. It is prohibited, you cannot justify killing of any innocent human being.
We also have to condemn..
i. 1000's of Afghani's that are being killed in Afghanistan.
ii. 1000's of innocent people that have been killed in Iraq.
iii. 1000's of people that have been killed in Gujarat.
iv. 1000's of people that have been killed in Palestine.
v. 1000's of people killed in Lebanon.
All sorts of terrorism in which innocent human being are killed are to be condemn. Whether done by Muslims or Non Muslims.
As I mentioned before that most of the religions they don't preach that you should kill innocent human beings. But when we analyze, we have terrorist that clam to profess certain religions and when we analyze they are from all types of religion...
i. We have Christian terrorists
ii. We have Catholic terrorist
iii. We have Jewish terrorists
iv. We have Hindu terrorists
v. We have Muslim terrorist
vi. We have Buddhist terrorists
vii. We have Sikh terrorists
And when we do a survey, (though we know that religions don't encourage killing innocent human beings) and try and find out that the people who have killed the maximum human beings which religion do they profess...
The number 1 who killed the maximum number of human beings is...
1. Hitler.
He had incinerated 6 million Jews And indirectly if you count all the people killed in World War II, 60 million people. Was he a Muslim!? No, He was a Christian.
2. Joseph Stalin (Uncle Joe)
Killed 20 million human beings Including 14.5 million were starved to death.
3. Mao Tse Tsung of China
Killed 14 to 20 million human beings. He was a Non Muslim.
Here we are not trying to say that the followers of these religions were practicing the religion. They were not, otherwise they wouldn't have killed a single innocent human being. But yet we find in the International media that Muslims are being targeted. The Question is Why? And we all know the answer of it.
Injustice a root cause of terrorism.
If we want to abolish terrorism, we have to realize what is the cause of terrorism. The experts say the root cause of terrorism is injustice. When injustice is done on a group of particular people they tend to retaliate, and that is the only cause of terrorism.
For Example after a terrorist attack in India 2 people were caught by the police, they are said to be Muslims and the authority said these people killed so many people in the Hindus temple in revenge. However these people, who did the attack they have a logic. They says, "Thousands of our family members were killed in front of our eyes, we have been looted, we know the person who is responsible for all this, he is our neighbor, we met him regularly, but when we see him it remind us of the toucher, when we go to the law the law does not support us, so we take the law in hand.".
I'm not justifying this act, Islam does not permit you that take the law in hand and kill other innocent human beings, and Islam does not justify to use wrong means to reach the right goals. People should not take the law in their hands. But in spite of this fact reacting like this is natural for any normal human being unless you have so much faith in Almighty God, even we will also do the same, if we do not know our Quran, if we did not know from the Quran it is wrong. So Just because someone cause injustice to me, this does not justify me to kill a third innocent human being.
So we should remove the injustice from this land to eliminate Terrorism otherwise every act to eliminate it would cause of increase in Terrorism.

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Friday, 25 May 2012


The mode of offering prayer is that the believer should, in the state of ablution, stand upright facing the Qiblahh with a gap of four toes between his feet and express intention (in the heart and by the tongue as well) for whichever prayer he has to offer. He should raise his hands upto the ears in such a way that the palms face the Qiblahh and that the fingers remain in their normal condition (neither separated nor close together) and then bring them down after the thumbs have touched the lobes, while saying Takbeer-e-Tahreema i.e. Al-Laahu Akbar (Allah is the Most Great) and put them below his navel. The right hand should be placed on the wrist of the left hand with the thumb and the little finger encircling the wrist and the remaining three fingers resting on it and then recite Sanaa, Ta'awuz, Tasmiyah and Al-Hamd Shareef (Surah Faateha) followed by any Surah or three verses or a verse which is equal in length to three small verses. Say "Aameen" at the end of Surah Faateha in soft voice.
Now he should perform Rukoo saying "Al-Laahu Akbar" (method): bow down and grasp the knees with the fingers well-spread thereon (neither all fingers inclusive of the thumb are joined-up nor all fingers, putting the thumb aside, are one-sided). The head should be at level with the back, neither low nor high.
In this posture, he should recite "Subhaana Rabbi-yal Azeem"(Glory be to my Nourisher, the Most Great) at least thrice and then stand erect while saying "Sami Allahu-liman Hamida"(Allah has listened to him who has praised Him). Also say "Rabbanaa Lakal-Hamd"(O' our Sustainer! All praise is due to You alone) if offering the prayer by himself.
And then observe Sajdah saying "Al-Laahu Akbar" (method):first the knees should be placed on the ground then the hands and thereafter the head be placed between the hands. The bone of the nose should touch the ground and the forehead be placed firmly. The arms should be off the sides, the belly aloof from the thighs and the thighs apart from the calves. His feet should firmly rest on the insides of all the toes on the ground facing the Qiblahh and palms of the hands should rest on the ground with the fingers pointing towards the Qiblahh.
In this state, he should recite "Subhanaa Rabbi-yal 'Aalaa" (Glory be to my Nourisher, the Most High) at least three times and then raise his head while saying "Allah-o-Akbar" followed by the hands and then sit upright with his left foot under him and the right foot standing (resting on the insides of the toes, facing the Qiblah). He should put his palms on the thighs near the knees (fingers pointing towards the Qiblah and then do second Sajdah saying "Allah-o-Akbar" on the style of the first one. After performing the second Sajdah, he should rise placing his hands on the knees (stressing on the tiptoes) and stand erect.
Now in this second Rakah, he should recite Surah Fateha preceded by Tasmiyah and followed by any Surah as he had done in the first Rakah. Thereafter, he should observe Rukoo and Sujood like those of the previous ones and sit with his left foot under him for Qa'adah in which he should recite complete Attahyaat (Tashah-hud) without omitting or adding any word and on reaching the word "Laa" he should raise his index finger (joining the middle finger with the thumb to make a circle with the little and ring fingers bent towards the palm) and lower it on uttering "Ilia" and then let all the fingers rest straight like that of the left hand.
If he has to offer more Rakahs, he should stand up and complete the remaining Rakah(s) like those of the preceding ones. In case of Fard prayer, Surah Faatehah (Al-Hamd Sharif) should not be followed by any other Surah.
Now, in the next Qa'adah (Qa'ada-e-Akheera), he should recite Durood Shareef (invocation of Allah's blessings on the Holy Prophet) after having recited Tashah-hud and then make "Maasoorah Du'aa"(authentic supplication) for example:"Allaa-humma Innee Zalamtu Nafsee Zulman Kaseeran wa Innahu Laa Yaghfiruz Zunooba Illaa Anta Faghfirlee Maghfiratam Min 'Indika warhamnee Innaka Antal Ghafoorur Raheem" (O' Allah! I have greatly oppressed my soul and that there is no forgiver except You. Therefore, You forgive my sins with Your particular blessing and have mercy on me. Undoubtedly, You are the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful).
This Du'aa was taught to Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddique (may Allah be pleased with him) by the Holy Prophet (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him). Or recite this: "Allaa-humma Rabbanaa Aatinaa fid-Dunyaa Hasanah, wa fil-Aakhirate Hasanah wa Qinaa 'Azaaban-Naar" ( O' Allah! Grant us good in this world and the next world and protect us from the torment of Hell). And then say "As-Salaamu Alaikum-wa-Rahmatul Laah" (peace be on you and the mercy of Allah) turning the face towards the right side and then towards the left.
This mode of saying prayer is meant for Imaam and individual (he who offers prayer alone) as well. However, a Muqtadi (follower) should not recite Surah Faatehah and any other Surah while following Imaam in Jama'at.
After the Fard prayer is over, the Imaam should turn himself either to the right side or to the left (right side is desirable) and even towards his Muqtadees (followers) if no Muqtadi is busy in prayer, for making Du'aa. An individual can make Du'aa at the place where he offered prayer. Imaam should not make lengthy but brief Du'aa after Zuhr, Maghrib and 'Ishaa prayers and offer Sunnat prayers as it is Makrooh (odious) to delay the offering of Sunnat prayer. One should change the place to offer Sunnat prayer.
Imaam can make lengthy Du'aa after Fajr and Asr prayers, but he must care about his Muqtadis.


Q 1: What does "Wajibaat" of prayer mean?
A. Wajibaat is plural of Wajib (essential act). Essential acts of prayer have to be observed necessarily. Sajdah Sahv (prostration for forgetfulness) will make up for any Wajib left out by mistake. However, prayer will have to be repeated in case one does not observe Sajdah Sahv despite having left out any Wajib by mistake or leaves any Wajib deliberately.
Q 2: How many Wajibaat are there in prayer?
A. There are twenty-six essential acts of prayer:
1. To say "Allah-o-Akbar" in Takbeer-e-Tahreema.
2. To recite Al-Hamd Sharif i.e.Surah Faatehah.
3. To recite one small Surah (Qur-aanic chapter) or one big Qur-aanic verse or three small verses after Surah Faateha in the first two Rakahs of Fard prayer and in every Rakah of Wajib, Sunnat and Nafil prayers.
4. To determine the first two Rakahs of Fard prayer for Qiraa-at.
5. To recite Al-Hamd Shareef before any Surah.
6. To observe Rukoo immediately after completing Qiraa-at.
7. To follow the first Sajdah by the second Sajdah i.e. to make two prostrations in succession.
8. To stay in Rukoo, Sujood, Qaumah, Qa'adah (pi. Qu'ood) and Jalsah for a span in which one could say Subhaan Allah with ease.
9. To stand erect in Qaumah (after performance of Rukoo).
10. To sit in "Jalsah" (between two prostrations).
11. To sit in "Qa'ada-e-Ulaa" (first sitting posture) in three and four Rakahs' prayer (irrespective of Nafil) for such a time that one could recite Tashah'hud.
12. To recite complete Tashah-hud in both the Qu'ood (Qa'ada-e-Ulaa and Qa'ada-e-Akheerah).
13. To say "Assalaam-o-Alaiekum wa Rahmatul Laah" twice.
14. To recite Du'aa-e-Qunoot and say Takbeer-e-Qunoot in Witr prayer.
15. To utter six Takbeers of Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha (Azha) respectively (three at the outset of prayer and the remaining three in the second Rakah before going into Rukoo) in the words of "Allah-o-Akbar".
16. Aloud recitation from the Holy Qur-aan (Qiraa-at) by Imaam in Salaat-ul-Jahr i.e. Fajr, Maghrib, Isha, Jumu'ah, both Eid prayers and Taraawih and Witr prayers in Ramadaan and Qiraa-at in low voice by Imaam in Salaat-ul-Sirr i.e. Zuhr and Asr prayers.
17. Muqtadi should follow Imaam silently in Jama'at i.e. not to do Qiraa-at.
18. To follow Imaam in all Wajibat (essential acts) except the Qiraa-at.
19. To observe Sajdah on reciting the verse of prostration.
20. To observe Sajdah Sahv on any "Sahv" (omission, forgetfulness) in prayer.
21. To observe every Wajib and Fard at their respective appointed places.
22. To observe Rukoo only once in every Rakah.
23. To observe two Sujood (prostrations) in every Rakah.
24. To recite nothing after recitation of Tashah'hud in Qa'ada-e-Ulaa of Fard, Witr and Sunnat-e-Muakkadah prayers.
25. Not to observe Qa'adah before completing two Rakahs and not to observe Qa'adah after third Rakah in four Rakahs' prayer.
26. Not to delay the observance of "Faraid" (obligatory acts) and Wajibaat (essential acts) in succession for a span in which one could recite Tasbih (Subhaan Allah) thrice.
Q 3: What does Sunan-us-Salaat mean?
A. Sunan is plural of Sunnah. Sunan-us-Salaat means those things and acts which were practised by the Holy Prophet(may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) in prayer. Their importance is not like that of Fard and Wajib. Therefore, Sajdah Sahv is not observed if any Sunnah is left out by mistake. However to leave any Sunnat act deliberately is very bad and to treat it with contempt is a worst sin nay infidelity.
Q 4: How many Sunan are there in prayer?
A. There are thirty Sunan in prayer:
(1). To raise the hands for Takbeer-e-Tahreema. (2). To keep the fingers of the hands in their natural condition i.e. open and the palms must face the Qiblahh.(3). Not to lower the head while saying Takbeer. (4). To utter Takbeer before raising the hands. Similarly recite Takbeer-e-Qunoot and Takbeers in Eids' prayers after having lifted the hands upto the ears. It is no Sunnah to raise hands on any occasion in prayer besides these ones. (5).Aloud utterance of "Al-Laahu Akbar", "Sami Allahu Liman Hamidah", Salaam and other Takbeers by Imaam. (6). To fold the hands below the navel immediately after saying Takbeer.(7). To recite Sana i.e. Subhaana-kallaa-humma.... (8). To recite Ta'awuz i.e. Aa'oozu-Billahi.... (9)To say "Aameen" at the end of Surah Faatehah. (10).To utter all these glorifications in low voice. (11). To recite only Surah Faatehah in the second two Rakahs of Fard prayer. (12). To say Allah-o-Akbar while going into Rukoo. (13).To utter Subhaana Rabbi-yal Azeem at least thrice in Rukoo. (14). To hold fast to the knees with the fingers well-spread thereon in Rukoo. (15). While rising from Rukoo, Imaam should say Tasmee i.e. Sami Allahu- liman-Hamida and Muqtadi(follower) should say Tahmeed i.e. Rabbanaa-Lakal-Hamd. Individual (he who offers prayer by himself) should say both Tasmee and Tahmeed. (16). To keep the head and back at level with each other in Rukoo. (17). To say Allah-o-Akbar while going into Sajdah and rising from it. (18).To place first the knees then the palms of the hands followed by nose and the forehead on the ground while performing Sajdah and to raise first the forehead then the nose followed by the hands and the knees while rising from Sajdah. (19). To recite "Subhaana Rabbi-yal 'Alaa" at least thrice in aloof in prostration. (20). To keep the arms away from the sides, belly aloof from the thighs and elbows off the ground but not to keep the arms apart from the sides in Jama'at (congregation). (21). To sit between two prostrations like that of sitting for "Tashah-hud" i.e. to sit with one's left foot under him and the right foot standing (insides of the toes firmly placed on the ground) and the hands rest on the thighs. (22). To keep the fingers of the hands joined up (pointing towards the Qiblah) and the insides of all the ten toes of the feet firmly placed on the ground facing the Qiblah during prostrations. (23). To sit on the left foot (spreading it on the ground) with the right foot standing on the insides of the toes which should face the Qiblah and keep the hands on the thighs near the knees after having completed two prostrations of the second Rakah.(24).To indicate on the recitation of Kalimah-e-Shahaadat in Qa'adah i.e. to raise the forefinger of the right hand on the word "La" (coupling the middle finger with the thumb and the ring and little fingers are bent towards the palm and lower it on reaching the word "Ilia" and then let all the fingers free to rest on the thigh. (25). To recite Durood Shareef(invocation of Allah's blessings on the Holy Prophet) after having recited Tashah-hud in the second Qa'adah (Qa'ada-e-Akheera). Recitation of Durood Sharif in the first Qa'adah of Nafil prayer is commendable. (26). To make Dua(supplication) in Arabic for oneself, parents, Muslim teachers and for all Muslims after having recited Durood Sharif. (27). To say Salaam turning the face first towards the right side and then to the left. (28). To say "Assalaam-o-Alaiekum wa Rahmatul Laah" twice. (29). To intend "Salaam" for the worshipping believers, Kiraaman Kaati-been and those angels who are posted for one's protection on each side.
Q 5: What are "Mustahbaat" in prayer?
A. Desirable acts which beautify and perfect the performance of Salaat are called "Mustahbaat singular Mustahab" like: (1). To focus the look on the spot of prostration during Qiyaam, on the insteps of the feet during Rukoo, in the lap during Qa'adah and Jalsah, on the point of the nose during prostration and on the shoulders while saying Salaam. (2). To restrain yawning by pressing the lower lip under the upper teeth and even then it is not controlled, put the back of the right hand over the mouth during Qiyaam and in other conditions use the left hand for the purpose. The best way to resist yawning is that the believer should recall in his heart that all the Prophets were "protected" from yawning, it will immediately vanish. (3). Not to cough noisily. (4). Man should take his hands out if wrapped up in sheet of cloth, for Takbeer-e-Tahreema. (5). All Muqtadies (followers) and Imaam should stand for prayer on "Haieyaa 'Alal Falaah". It is against Sunnah to stand for Iqaamah before it is uttered or is not uttered until Imaam reaches his "Musallaa"(the place where from the Imaam leads prayer). (6). To keep the feet four toes apart during Qiyaam. (7). Muqtadi should begin his prayer following the Imaam i.e. should not precede the Imaam.
Q 6: Which things are Sunnat for women in prayer?
A. Ten things are Sunnat for women in prayer: (1). To lift her hands upto the shoulders for Takbeer-e-Tahreema.(2). To keep the hands in sheet of cloth in which she is wrapped-up while uttering Takbeer-e-Tahreema.(3). To place the palm of the left hand on the chest under the breast and put the palm of the right hand on the back of the left's palm.(4).Not to grasp but simply place the hands on the knees without opening up the fingers during Rukoo.(5). To bow only to an such extent that the hands reach the knees in Rukoo. (6). Bend her knees unlike man.(7). To observe Sajdah in close manner i.e. to join the arms with the sides, the belly with the thighs, the thighs with the calves and shins with the ground.(8). To spread out both the hands on the ground during prostration. (9). To sit on the left haunch jutting out her feet to the right side in Qa'adah. (10). To keep the fingers of the hands joined up in Qa'adah and Jalsah.