Thursday, 14 June 2012

Advice to the United States of a Muslim

The 9-11 terrorists attack generates a demand insatiable news and columns which fell quite short, to present an accurate portrait of Islam.
The public should be made aware of the best examples of the sincerity of this religion and you know it's only purpose to g-D.
This article presents several principles that address the notion that extremism is acceptable in Islam.
When it is considered fairly, is obvious, that the faithful of Islam have kept away from the most profound principles of their faith.
Taking innocent lives. Savagely killing without conscious. Collectively, mankind rejects such behaviour, and only fools think that g-D accept those actions.
Even when looking for relief of domination, Islam offers to his followers and the world, disenchanted instruction which cancel all forms of extremism.
Through the Prophet Muhammad, Islam instructs Muslims to"fight" until there is no more persecution, and religion is free to g-D
The first part of this verse tells us that once an enemy to stop aggression, Muslims are to stop fighting against them also.
Most important part says that religion is to be free for g d and that means that there is the possibility of that religion cannot be actually free of d G. There is a chance, religion may not be set correctly in the village.
Religion may fall into the clutches of the oppressors that used to keep the ignorant masses, under their control, used to their own selfish benefit and not allow religion to be free as he intended to g-D. Nor should be religion will be used by the Government, or for those who want to dominate the people, but leave it free to the individual having his life with his g-D. A full life. A full freedom. The Quran mandates it. Prophet Muhammad established.
It is a flagrant lack of Muslims, forget what g-D says of the Prophet Muhammad in the Qur'an that Muhammad is sufficient as a leader for all people and he can be found an excellent model to follow. Contradicting this model it is not acceptable if it claims to Prophet Muhammad as their leader.
Muhammad was a Pacific man who doesn't want to fight. He took terrible abuses and I had still never had the fighting spirit. G-d had him I send: "fight until there is no more persecution, and religion is free to g-D". Not have it in their nature to fight. But when the revelation came to command him to fight it was his nature to obey (d) (g).
When Muhammad went to war, he ordered the Muslims to follow a code of ethics. To keep the Muslim behavior insurance and not let war change his nature by being motivated by the cruelty of the war. Muslims should not treat civilians as people who were armed against them. Any damage to civilians! Even not said that any damage to crops or trees of the people depended on for his life.
Therefore this cruel behavior that the world has witnessed did Muhammad the Prophet and certainly not of Islam. Such cruelty was produced by the influences of the world.
When reading the Qur'an Muslims are reminded that g-D says: "And follow his best".
This tips for reading any writing. Religion invites people on many different levels. Different levels of understanding, of different levels of morality, different levels of sincerity, etc. etc. etc..
So there are extremists who read the Koran and read in it something that does not exist. In the same way that the claim of the Ku Klux Klan have a few pages is after the Bible. They take only the worse themselves, not the best themselves. Both are still what they think that these pages suggest to them with the very strange mind have.
Extremism is not part of the system of faith of Islam. But West has unfairly labeled Islam as the religion of violence and is wrong in its core, knowing from experience that America stumbled even before that she found his foot today.
It can be much written about how former slaves of United States not to attack and try to destroy the beautiful premise found in the spirit of the noble document that came out of the 13 colonies at the time of seeking the independence of the British.
With Frederick Douglass leading the way, he made an appeal to the moral conscience of leaders and reminded them of gross inconsistencies and deficits, which exhibits his citizenship, in order to keep your disgusting system of slavery. It was his behaviour that was invalidated. Not the guiding principles set out in and acclaimed in their foundational documents of this country.
American well if they took a page from that story and make a clear distinction between what the religion Islam represents a and the lack of respect for what are in fact showing his followers.
Similar to the descendants of the former slave owners have finally come to understand the message that constitutes a special idea of the United States of freedom, West should remind the Muslim of the major principles of the faith world demands of Islam, but how shameful is terribly have strayed from their own religion.

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