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Studying in a Catholic school


Studying in a Catholic school
I had a question about attending a Catholic school. I attend a Catholic College, and many of my muslims friend have stated that it is not a rightful act to attend a catholic school. However, I'm not forced to take any of the classes that relate to the Catholisicm. Also, I pray in school, so is there anything wrong with praying in a Catholic school?


Praise be to Allaah.


Undoubtedly these schools pose a great danger to the Muslim
who is ignorant of Islam and its teachings, because they give lessons and
teach information in which there is approval and praise of the kaafirs and
their religions and beliefs, and usually attack Islam and condemn the
Muslims. But if the student in these schools has a sound understanding of
the beliefs of Islam, and knows the pillars of Islam and what is halaal and
what is haraam in Islam, and he needs to go to such a school in order to
learn a skill or profession or a gain specific knowledge, and he is
confident that he will not be influenced by their lessons and teachers, and
he will not be forced to learn any of the subjects that have to do with
Catholicism, then in that case we think that it is o.k. for him to study
there. Rather we worry about one who is ignorant and does not understand the
plots of the kaafirs and their tricks against the Muslims. But whoever is
confident and adheres to the beliefs and practices of Islam, then usually
such a person would not be affected by their teachings and practice. 


Shaykh ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Jibreen.


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