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Prevented by Excuse

Born on the Day of Arafah

Prevented by Excuse

Sheikh Hany Hilmy
Saturday, 06 December 2008

We will anticipate the reward of the pilgrims. We shall use the slogan we followed last year "Oh Lord, we were prevented by the excuse, please don't deprive us the reward".

If we were at Hajj (pilgrimage), we would have been looking at Ka'aba, drinking from Zamzam, seeking the recovery of our hearts and body. Our hearts would have circumbulated around the Lord's House. We would have been walking between Al Safa and Al Marwa as a metaphore to our walking between scale sides (resurrection day) supplicating that our good deeds' side would weigh more than the bad deed's side.

Hajj forgives all sins. The person who comes back from Hajj is clean from all sins and mistakes. He returns as if he is just born. He comes back free from any wrong deed including those done to other humans. One of the most scary things ever is losing your good deeds over to someone you have done wrong while alive. Haj saves you from all the trouble. All of those are gone by standing on Mountain Arafat. Anticipate doing pilgrimage with your heart even if your body was abstained from going "Where ever you go and whenever you cross a valley, they are with you though they were prevented by the excuse". Oh Lord, we were prevented by the excuse, please don't deprive us the reward.

If the people at Mount Arafat will leave forgiven, please forgive us all too. If the reward for the good Hajj is paradise, so Lord please merit us with your blessings because You are the Generous who can reward us for those pilgrims and make us enter paradise. Oh Lord, if their sins will be gone, bless us with expiation of sins too. Oh Lord, we are the poor; the humble and modest please free us from our sins.

Anas May Allah bless his soul said: The prophet peace be upon him stood on Mount Arafat and the sun was setting. He said: «O Bilal, ask the people to be quiet and listen to me». Bilal stood and said: "O' people, listen to the messenger of Allah". So, the people listened. The prophet peace upon him said: «Oh you people, Gabriel, peace be upon him, came to me previously and passed my Lord's salutation and said: Allah forgave the people of Arafat and the people of Mash'ar and relieved them from their sins». Omar said: "Oh messenger of Allah is this specially for us". The prophet replied: «for you and for whoever comes after you until the hereafter». Omar said: "Allah's blessings increased and became delightful" [Narrated by Bin Al Mubarak and corrected by al Albani in Sahih Targhib and Attarhib].

You do not know that the people's rights have no resolution except by Allah's aid. Read in all the books that talk about the hereafter. People's rights are like the oppression. Allah may forgive the person who repents but the human (slave) will not forgive another human if he does him wrong. We said before that the humans don't forgive easily and they keep reprehending. On the contrary, Allah forgives and don't reprehend. Even if it was your parents or your brothers or your kids, everyone will be saying myself, myself, (I am sorry) why would I deprive myself? He insulted and did beat me.

Now praise be to Allah, we will be saved from this situation through Pilgrimage. We need to Ummar when they circumbulate. We need to get rid of life's traces. I mean get life out of your heart and make pilgrimage with your heart. Leave all the troubles and thoughts behind you. Allah will take care of them.

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