Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Some advice for those who want to read the Quran in Arabic

When I converted to Islam, learning prayer was such a struggle. For me praying in a language I did not understand was almost unthinkable. "How could I have prayed to Allah, when I did not know what was I saying?" - many times I was thinking. But, knowing that we must say our prayers in Arabic, I have memorized al-Fatiha and 2 other short surahs from the Holy Quran. Alhamdulillah, I have done that. I have memorized and learned how to pray in Arabic, and learned the translation of it also. It took me many years to touch Quran in Arabic language. Translation was easier to read, to understand, to cherish...... but only 2 years ago, I made a major step in trying to read Quran in the Arabic language. Today, I can read Quran (1st grade level) only thanks to Allah (subhanna wa ta'ala) who gave me courage to try and succeed in this task, even when I never thought that it would be possible. First I got the Holy Quran with transliteration and tried to read it while learning the Arabic letters. That has worked very well, but after 2 ayahs I was drained from energy. Reading a whole page like that took me 1 hour at least. Masha Allah I have tried it. Secondly I used CD and reading ayah, by ayah in Arabic (following the speaker) was the best way for me Masha Allah. I have tried to read Quran every day for at least 5 min. Sometimes I would read 60 ayahs/day, sometimes only 10, but Alhamdu Lillah I have complated reading my recitation in Arabic over some time. The best time to read like that is eather after Fajr prayer (when you are not tired yet), or anytime after prayers (even if it's only for 2-3 min.) Before you know it insha Allah you would fishing Quran, and be so satisfied with your accomplishment. Therefore, new Muslims, or Muslims, who don't know arabic language, small reading per day goes a long way, and on top of that Allah will reward you double for you trying to read in Quran, even if you are making mistakes. Another recommendation is to learn one word of Quran (with meaning) per day. Insha Allah within a year, you would have know 365 words from the Quran. And that would become an easy way to recognize the words while reading Holy Quran and wanting to learn more Insha Allah. So, if you are a Muslim like myself, who struggles while reading Quran in arabic langauge, don't stop trying and Allah will reward you for your efforts many times more Insha Allah.

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