Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Moon Sighting Controversy of 1426H Eid ul Fitr

The attached (pasted below) is a beautiful, convincingly well written article by Jung's London correspondent. It is based on well founded arguments. It proves beyond any shadow of doubt that those who had their Eid Day on Thursday,  November 3, 2005 were misled by the joint Shura Council of ISNA & ICNA. May Allah pardon them and give them Tawfeeq not to repeat such "blunders" again.  
If they would have fasted one day more and completed their 30 days of Ramadan, as permitted by Shariah, heaven would have not fallen on their heads. Now they stand committed to a sin having Eid on the day of Obligatory fasting.  
All brothers and sisters who had Eid on Thursday [November 3, 2005] have no choice but to repent to Allah (SWT) and now fast one day as "Qaza" of Ramadan. It would be given precedence over the six days of Shawwal non-obligatory fasting.    
May Allah pardon ourselves and our leadership and give us Tawfeeq not to follow anyone else but our own moon sighting. 
Shamim Siddiqi
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