Friday, 23 December 2011

The veil war continues

And the newest soldier in this fight is Egypt's minister of culture!
Farouq Hosni, the Egyptian minister of culture, has offered his resignation but refused
to apologise for comments he made about the hijab in which he said wearing of Islamic veils was a "regressive" trend.
Hosni said that the controversy over the hijab and veil was prompted by political motives, stressing that Islam does not impose wearing of the hijab on women. He also said that it was a fashion trend and not a sign of good morals.
The minister told the Egyptian daily, al-Masri
Al-Youm: "There was an age when our mothers went to university and
worked without the veil. It is in that spirit that we grew up. So why
this regression?"
Hosni offered his resignation after the the Muslim
Brotherhood, Egypt's largest Islamic political group, called for the
minister to "apologise and resign", calling his remarks insults that
were directed at Islam's religious leaders.
This had led to outrage from the Saudi mufti, who says that Hosni's remarks are a calamity!
Saudi Arabia's top Muslim cleric described the Egyptian culture
minister's recent criticism of the veil as a "calamity," a Saudi
satellite channel reported on Saturday.
"It is a calamity that struck Islamic lands and contradicts the
teachings of the Quran," Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti, Sheik Abdul-Aziz
al-Sheik responded. "It is truly painful to hear such declarations from
within Islamic lands, from people who are considered Muslims," he added
in a statement aired by Al Majd television, a religious channel.
Ok, first of all, there is nothing in the Koran on their kind of Hijab, so the saudi mufti is full of shit. The Hijab that is talking about is not a religious, but a tribal, dress and isn't mendatory for muslim women. For the Mufti to say that is an outright lie. The Koran says women should dress modestly, but didn;t specify headcovering or any of that other crap. I am glad that somebody in power in this country finally had the balls to say it. It's 5 years too late, but oh well, I will take it!

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